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SiySiy Womens Rash Guard Long Sleeve UFP50+ Long Sleeve Swimsuit Sleeve for Diving and Surfing Swim

SiySiy Womens Rash Guard Long Sleeve UFP50+ Long Sleeve Swimsuit Sleeve for Diving and Surfing,Swimming

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  • polyester82% spandex18%

  • PREVENT CUTS AND ABRASIONS: The long sleeve design of the long sleeve swimsuit provides extra protection against cuts and abrasions to the skin caused during swimming or water activities. Especially when swimming under rocks or rough surfaces, long sleeve swimsuits reduce the risk of injury and protect the skin from trauma.

  • SUN PROTECTION: Long sleeve swimsuits provide extra protection from the sun when swimming or doing water activities. They are typically made from professional grade UPF 50+ fabrics that effectively block harmful sun penetration and protect the skin from sun damage.

  • WARMING PERFORMANCE: Long sleeve swimsuits are ideal for those who like to swim in cooler weather or cooler water temperatures. They provide more warmth, blocking water flow into the cuffs and effectively keeping your body warm, making you more comfortable in the water.

  • TREND FASHION: Long-sleeved swimsuits not only function well, but also have many fashionable styles and designs to choose from. They come in a variety of colors, patterns and cut styles to make you stylish and dynamic on the pool or beach, and to highlight your personal taste.

  • ADAPTABLE TO DIFFERENT WATER ACTIVITIES: Women's swimsuits are not only suitable for swimming, but can also be adapted to a variety of water activities, such as surfing, boating, diving and so on. They are well-designed and won't fall off or constrict the stretching of the body due to the strenuous movement during the activity. Ladies can confidently participate in a variety of water sports and enjoy the fun in the water.

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